“ I am HIV positive and I have found that by volunteering at WOI  I am part of  a community. I have a sense of participating in something useful and beneficial to others. My self-esteem has risen and I am much more confident than I used to be. I have also been trained and have more skills than I had before which means that when I’m ready I will be more employable.”

Here at WOI, our volunteers are an essential compliment to the work of staff and provide added value to the wide range of essential services we provide.

WOI recruits, trains and then matches the needs of the projects with the volunteers’ skills and availability. It is important that the service provided by volunteers is structured and of a high quality. Volunteers are therefore trained and supervised for their assigned roles and while they support these services volunteers have their travel cost reimbursed so that they are not out of pocket while they are volunteering.

The volunteering experience at WOI is an occasion to make new friends as well as an opportunity to strengthen CV’s and we will provide a reference when volunteers are ready to move on with their career.

The volunteers support in various programmes run by the organisation such as:

  •  Training
  •  Young Peoples’ Programme
  •  Health Programme
  •  International Programme

Activities include befriending; visiting – home and hospital; translating; health information delivery and welfare information support; shopping; cleaning; cooking; office admin; training; supporting ESOL, job search, and cv writing.

“ I have been volunteering in generally in the  office in administration which was my main assignment. This was beneficial to me as  I have gained experience working in a UK office environment. After 6 months I  which has enabled me to get a job.”